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In her Paintings Sandra Tirre dedicates herself to people, nature, body and myth. It is about research, finding a rhythm, sensual truth. It is about transformation and intimacy. The process is documented and photographs and other testimonies and room installations are created. 
After her studies in the field of Psychology and Linguistics (2006-2012, WWU Muenster and FU Berlin) she worked as consultant for several years. Looking for a different way of expression she studied acting in privat studios in Berlin (2016-2020, Actors Space, Rotcoaching, Tankstelle) and developed her own movies too. 

Since 2014 she is deepening her spiritual roots in yoga and energetic work (Ishta Yoga Berlin I Tian Tao Yoga I Completion Process) which is influencing her work as an artist aswell as her work in the field of healing and consulting.
In Fine Arts she is an autodidact.


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Art Spring Berlin

`Kein Liebeslied`Bar Alphonse, Berlin 
`Blue Print`Open Studio, Berlin 

`Galaktika`Artspace, Los Angeles
`Honey Island`, Open Studio, Berlin