SANDRA TIRRE                                                      



Acrylic and Pencil on Linen

100 x 100 cm

This is the last work i finished before giving birth. It units the polarities of that time. The tenderness, softness, the blooming of a pregnancy and the cold and isolated feeling during pandemic.



`While i was pregnant still`

Acrylic and Pencil on Linen
150 x 150 cm

trying to connect to my unborn

first of a series of paintings on the 150 x 150 scale 
the other two are still in progress, published when it`s time.
people say it can`t be finished yet, there is so much space left on the canvas.
yes, this is how i felt it,fragile and shy


`that time

Es ist Ostern und ich bin wieder aufgestanden.


Acrylic, Oil and Pencil on Canvas
120 x 80 cm

Amazonas is a painting of my studio period in the studiohouse ECC Weißensee published on the Art Spring 2021 Berlin. It combines all the elements I love: The vibe of a far away magical place, sketches of soul and body with a message for you, tender nature, wise animals. As if walking alongside that river barefoot and pure. On Mission

Technical: Working on cotton and leaving space for it to shine, combining Acrylics, Oil and Pencil

Mum, 2020
100 x 100
Acrylic, Oil and Pencil on Canvas


Dad 2020
100 x 100
Acrylic, Oil and Pencil on Canvas

I think the reflection on your parents, their influence on your life, the relationship to them, your childhood
is taking a life time
at the same time, it is time now to just be with them and accept it all

to overcome blaming or giving away responsibility. I could do several works about the topic, this is the beginning - a tender one, which catches a sense of the vibe.

I painted it 2020 in winter
2021 in spring i was pregnant myself, initiated to be a mum too.