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Snippets of a large painting I am working on right now `Gods Gift (AT)`

We just came back from the artist mother residency at studio Katarina Janeckova Walshe
(texas, US, Nov. 2023) and arrived in Berlin winter snow.
I love Winter - the time of closing a year and sensing the new,
the time of going inwards,
being silent and opening up to the stars and the world beyond.


Monastery 2, 2023

Acrylic, Oil and Pencil on Linen, raw 
1,66 x 1,40

studio berlin 

I started this painting this year in spring, when my baby girl started kita and I opened up Studio Berlin again, I finished it just now

It is about the desert, the far away, fruity nature, bold animals, essence, rivers, visitors and karma, monastery, strong female, a believe system


Painting Like Mothers, Texas, US, November 2023
at Studio Katarina Janeckova Walshe

Just Angry, 2023, texas 

Snippets of `GIVING BIRTH`(AT), texas


Snippets of `no words, just war`, texas 




Sandra Tirre`s work is a form of alchemy, processing themes, picking up a vibe and distilling one. In her paintings she mixes autobiographic elements and people with motives of nature and myth. It is a form of research, finding a rhythm and sensual truth.

In her Photo Series she reflects her fascination for body, space and change. The result is a humorous, intimate portrait, as through the eyes of a lover and muse.

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